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Meet Our Founder


Irma is a luxury travel advisor, wine lover and experience designer. Passionate about hospitality, her absolute love is crafting memorable experiences for her clients.

After years of working in the travel, hospitality and wellness industries in NYC and CT, Irma knew it was time to create her own brand.

Irma has been passionate about wine, enjoys discovering new wineries, traveling and spending time with her family: “I have always dreamed of having my own business, over the years I truly realized that my passion is hospitality in all of its forms, and that is how The Grape Experience was created."

After moving from Connecticut to Charlotte and through a lot of hard work, Irma decided it was the perfect time to put all of her experience and expertise to use. She dedicated herself to build something special. She believes in the importance of details and that luxury goes beyond just aesthetics — it's about personalized experiences and how service is delivered.

At The Grape Experience, our goal is not just to create a wine tour, but a curated wine experience to enjoy: "Each client is unique, so each experience I help plan is tailored to fit. Part of the magic of planning the perfect experience for each client is getting to know the group and customize their requests".  As Irma puts it, “We want you to fall in love with the boutique vineyards, the tasting rooms in North Carolina, their people and their wine makers".

Whether touring the vineyards, traveling to an unforgettable destination, or working behind the scenes — Irma is always in works for new experiences. She is especially grateful to her kids and her sister for all their help and support on this new adventure.

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